Thursday, September 27, 2012

Men Who Knit on Dr. Oz

So a couple of weeks ago after a long, not so great day at work, I came home to an odd message on my answering machine.  The long and short of the message was that the Dr. Oz show was doing a segment on Men Who Knit and they wanted to use some of my photos and information.  I spent the evening emailing pictures and talking back and forth with Hali in NY, one of the shows producers.  I sent her pics of the Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat, finished projects, and contacted a few friends to send pics as well.  (The segment was taping on Friday and this was late Wednesday evening, so I could not get in touch with as many friends as I wanted.)

So today I get an email from Hali and the segment will air on Wednesday, October 3rd.  Set your DVR and call your friends to see about the health benefits of knitting and to see a bunch of men who love to knit.  Hope this gets the knitting world and the male knitters a lot of positive press!