Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Pattern as Promised

As promised I have posted the pattern for the Fuzzy Braided Cable Scarf.

I am going to update it soon to include a cowl version in gray.  I got the yarn on Friday to complete this.  I also have added a new link box to the side which includes my first two patterns for sale on Ravelry.  The first is a pattern I wrote about in January, the Clydesdale Cowl.  I have included a picture of the finished project below.
It is a quick and easy knit and very dramatic worn with white as shown or a black coat.  It is also large enough to wear loose around the neck with a little drape.

The next pattern for sale is a Stole I created for a friends retirement.  She is hopefully going to get it today.  It is called the Walk on the Beach Stole.  It is also a quick and easy knit and makes great use of thick and thin yarn.
I hope you enjoy all my patterns.  I also have two being published this winter.  Love Of Knitting magazine will be publishing a men's winter set in their winter issue.  Their first issue of 2012 will feature a belt I created for spring inspired by the "distressed look" of things we consumers seem to be buying lately.    Well more about my summer adventures coming soon.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Do you have afree video of the fuzzy braided scarf Because I'm a beginner!

  2. Don't see a row 11 !!!!!!!!

    1. Row 11 is an odd row and would be purled (See Row 1 instructions).