Friday, August 9, 2013

My Mountain Hat Contest

So about a month ago I noticed on Facebook that there was a contest for hats.  I love to knit hats.  So I asked for the yarn to be sent and this is what evolved.  The idea is to knit a hat which will convey an idea about "Your Mountain" (something you have to overcome in life).  Each hat has some meaning for me.  I will tell you about each one.

This is the Spiral Cap.  It reminds me of the times when I am running from Soccer to Volleyball to work to church to...
(you get the idea).  To recenter myself and stop the spiral I just look at that cute face under the cap (my son Avery is 
Next up is the Slalom Cap.  The cable pattern of this hat symbolizes when I am dodging all that life is trying to throw at me at one time.  Fortunately I have a loving an supportive family to help get to the bottom of the slope.  My very crafty daughter, Eleanor is modelling.

This is the Super Stripey Slouch.  It reminds me
of those days when you just need to be lazy.  I love a rainy, slouchy day when all I want to do is knit and get caught up on projects.

Finally we have the Life's Ups, Downs, and Rounds Hat.  Just like my unconventional life, I constructed this hat in an unconventional way.  The secret will be given away in the pattern (it is quite easy).  It is my favorite of the 4 hats and I will enjoy wearing it this winter.

All the patterns for the hats will be coming soon.   Wish me luck in the contest!