Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fiber Beat, Hat, and Bazaar

Here I am blogging again.  As I write this I am waiting for my wife to finish a workshop so I can go home but wanted to share all that is going on this week.  Today on my lunch break I had the chance to listen to Fiber Beat, episode 12.  This episode contains an interview with Kathy Hattori who led the indigo dyeing workshop I attended in Seattle.  I learned even more about dyeing than on the day I participated.  The episode also contains an interview of yours truly, Rusty Boyd , the Small Town Knit Guy.  It chronicles the winning of the XRX, inc. scholarship and knitting facts about me.  If you are interested go to Itunes, podcasts, and search for Fiber Beat.  It is episode 12 which has these interviews.

As I listened today, I remembered that I took my birthday yarn and a hat pattern to Seattle with me.  While, I was there, I completed what is my favorite hat.  The yarn is a bulky wool and mohair blend.  The colorway is Tropical Punch.  The pattern I used is from Pie Knits (free download) called Subtle Cables.  My daughter is modeling the hat for me in the pic.  I call mine Sunburst.  The yarn was from a local farm in Tidewater Virginia, hand spun and hand dyed,  and I loved it the minute I picked it up out of the bargain basket.  I have since purchased two more hanks of similar yarn from the same yarn shop, Knit Wits of Virginia Beach.  I already have a pattern picked out to work them up after I finish the pattern publishing work.  They are a lovely deep wine color and I will enjoy working with the yarn.

This Thursday I am doing my first Bazaar.  My wife has more in the show than I, due to my recent publishing work.  I just want to see what people will say about my work and if they will buy it.  In the area which I live there are not many who appreciate the work that goes into a hand crafted item.  The Bazaar is only a 2 hour event in the middle of the day so I won't have a lot of time invested.  If things sell well, I will have something to look forward to next year and will be able to keep a stock of items made up for such occasions.  I have 3 scarf commissions through my work that I will begin in December.  I will also take orders if necessary to make up some items (after Christmas).  Well that is all for now.  I will let you all know how the Bazaar goes and hope that I will be able to post some pics of the Design and publishing work if Skacel says it is a go.  The said I could post to Ravelry but I would love to post here and on Facebook too.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Years and Counting

Four years ago today I had a total knee replacement.  I am always reminded of the date because it is on Veteran's Day and because I have a yearly check up on that day.  My check up was wonderful.  The knee bends more than it did last year, I am exercising again, and I have lost weight.  The doctor was pleased with all these things.  You may be asking why a then 35 year old man had to have a knee replacement.  Well, here goes:  about 15 years ago I had a horrible car accident which severed my left leg at the knee.  The doctors worked diligently for 3 months to save the leg, which they did.  However, by the time they finished and I was able to begin physical therapy, I had only about 30 degrees movement in that knee.  I lived this way until 4 years ago when I finally found a doctor who would do more than an x-ray  to find out why I was having pain and what real shape my knee was in.  Reason for a 35 year old to have a knee replacement:  the only cartlige left in my knee was less than the size of a dime and the only thing holding my leg together was one ligament, which was quickly tearing.  My doctor is renowned for finishing a knee replacement in 35 minutes, mine took 2 1/2 hours.  I am totally pleased with the results. 

You may be asking, why am I writing about this on a Knitting blog?  Well because it was on my mind today and if not for the car accident, I may not have taken up crochet again (and eventually learned knitting).  At the time of the accident, I was very depressed and after watching but soooo much TV, I asked my mom to bring some yarn and crochet hooks to the hospital.  I am so glad I fell in love with the craft again.  I needed something to do and crochet required no moving around in the hospital.   I could stay in bed and craft to my heart's content.  So today on Veteran's Day,  I am thankful for all those men and women who have served our country.   I am thankful for my knee replacement and a great doctor.  Finally, I am thankful for remembering 15 years ago I can do something creative.  Share a craft with someone you love this week.  I taught my daughter to knit earlier this week.  My hope is that she will carry this with her through her life.  And if she needs it to help her get through something, it is just like riding a bike.  It will come back to her as soon as she picks up the needles. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Charity Donations--From the Heart

This week the Murfreesboro Knit & Crochet Group had their monthly meeting.  Our first Charity project has been over 10 months in the making.  We decided to do afghans but needed recipients.  After a few phone calls, Social Services of Hertford County said they had persons who could really use the afghans.  They are called "wards of the state."  What this means is, they are deemed incompetent and the state takes over their care.  They either have no family to take care of them, or their family is unable to take care of them.  They are in long term care, from nursing homes to group homes, wherever a bed was available when they were placed in the state's care.  Even though they are residents of Hertford County, they could be anywhere in the state and Hertford County is the agency that cares for them.  I am unsure about the others of my group, but it did my heart good to know that something I made was going to be given to someone who did not have the comfort of family or home (things I equate with the holiday season).  I hope that the afghans find a great home with these wards, offering the warmth of the holiday season both physically and spiritually.  I have included a few pictures to show the beautiful work of the group.  Thank you to both Social Services of Hertford County and the Murfreesboro Knit and Crochet Group.  Happy Holidays to all!