Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wisdom from Whoopi

A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend with my in-laws so that I could take some classes with Sally Melville in the Virginia Beach area.  On Saturday night after my second class, my mother-in-law was watching Sister Act 2.  In one scene Whoopi tells the main teenage character, "When you wake up in the morning, if all you can think about is singing, you are a singer."  I have decided that this was a great piece of wisdom and took it to heart.  I AM A KNITTER!  I wake up in the morning thinking about which project I am going to work on.  I go to sleep at night thinking of yarns from my stash and what I can make with them.  I knit in the car, in meetings, while watching TV, and sometimes at church.  I have designed scarves, hats, fingerless mitts, and shawls.  Thank you to my mom and Great Aunt Elsie for passing this tradition down to me and my family.  Thank you to all those who acknowledge my work, publish my work, and wear my work.  I am blessed to have a supportive family and hope to continue to knit for many years to come.

Stay tuned for 2 hat patterns coming soon.  One will be listed here for free to match a recently published pattern of mine in Love of Knitting Magazine.  The second will be a paid pattern available from Ravelry which I completed as a commission for a friend.  Both are chunky, quick knits which will make great gifts for Christmas, Chanukah, or other special occasion.   I hope to have them up by end of Thanksgiving weekend. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mood Booster!

So I checked my email tonight as I was watching my son take his very first Karate lesson and got a huge mood booster. (If you are wondering about my mood,  let's just say it has been a hellacious start to the school year and I don't know if it is going to get any better....) 

So back to the mood booster,  I opened the email from Knit Picky Patterns (All Free Knitting) and scrolled through the patterns that were featured.  None of the featured patterns were mine.  So I checked the Featured Designer of the Week (I like to see other people's ideas and patterns too)  and guess who's picture was there?

I was very happy indeed.  They also showed my Peppermint Hot CoCowl which you can link to from this blog (check the free patterns at the side).  I am hoping that this will help me stay on Cloud nine this week.  Thanks Knit Picky Patterns. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All shook up, first day, and Irene

So yesterday I experienced an earthquake for the first time in my life. It was only 15 seconds but a scary 15 seconds. There was no damage in my area, but some of my friends in the Fredericksberg, VA area had minor damage (Knicks knacks & pictures). There was enough damage to close some schools in that area on opening day.

So tomorrow is the first day of school for us in NC. I am returning to teaching Language Arts and Social Studies after spending 3 years teaching Saxon Math. Our school is also implementing the new common core standards which seems to be a nationwide movement. I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks which means less knitting time. :(

Finally, after the stress of getting my classroom set up, returning to teaching a subject I haven't taught in a few years, and a minor earthquake, we are also preparing for a hurricane.
Irene is scheduled to make landfall late Friday-early Saturday. School systems are already closing on the Carolina Coast. Wow! I think I am ready for Labor Day/long weekend and the kids are not back yet.

While we wait out the storm this weekend, I will post some pics of my latest knitting. (Lord willing, the creek don't rise, and the power stays on.) I finished my first Westknits pattern, a cowl, and a few more objects of late. Check back soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Pattern as Promised

As promised I have posted the pattern for the Fuzzy Braided Cable Scarf.

I am going to update it soon to include a cowl version in gray.  I got the yarn on Friday to complete this.  I also have added a new link box to the side which includes my first two patterns for sale on Ravelry.  The first is a pattern I wrote about in January, the Clydesdale Cowl.  I have included a picture of the finished project below.
It is a quick and easy knit and very dramatic worn with white as shown or a black coat.  It is also large enough to wear loose around the neck with a little drape.

The next pattern for sale is a Stole I created for a friends retirement.  She is hopefully going to get it today.  It is called the Walk on the Beach Stole.  It is also a quick and easy knit and makes great use of thick and thin yarn.
I hope you enjoy all my patterns.  I also have two being published this winter.  Love Of Knitting magazine will be publishing a men's winter set in their winter issue.  Their first issue of 2012 will feature a belt I created for spring inspired by the "distressed look" of things we consumers seem to be buying lately.    Well more about my summer adventures coming soon.  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where Have I Been?

You may be asking yourself that question since it has almost been 2 months since my last post.  The picture on the left will answer part of that question.  This is our new "home away from home."  It is not our first.  We upgraded from a hybrid (part travel trailer-part fold out/pop up) to this 31 foot travel trailer.  It takes less than half the time to set up as our old camper and is very nice.  It has a slide out on the other side that contains the kitchen and sofa (not huge but adds a great deal of room).  The nice thing is that I don't have to climb over the dinette to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  We have taken it out on 2 trips and are planning a 3rd soon.

A few months ago (March to be exact) I taught my first "learn to knit class" at the Crafting Stop in Franklin, VA.  With the warm weather there has been a lull in knitting so I haven't had any more "gigs."  Last week I got an email requesting my teaching services again at the Crafting Stop.  In just one evening I created, wrote the pattern, and knit the scarf you see on the left.  I call it the "Fuzzy, Braided Cable Scarf"  and the pattern will be available soon.  Check the blog again soon for the pattern.  I will be teaching how to knit cables using this pattern.  The yarn, Lion Brand Quick & Cozy, is awesome for this type of pattern.  It is soft, fluffy, and works up so quickly you will be done before you know it.  On another note, the valet you see the scarf wrapped around is a new purchase for my photos and display.  My wife found it at Goodwill for $7.50, a steal I think.  This is the first time I have used it and it seems to work very well.
To the left you see a stole I have been meaning to block for almost 2 months.  It is a retirement gift for a friend and she will hopefully get it Tuesday.  It is modeled after the "Scribble" shawl from Mason Dixon Knitting.  I hate the idea of  changing yarn every 2 - 4 rows so I created my version.  The yarn is "Tides" from Universal (discontinued I think), but any thick and thin yarn would do for this shawl/stole.  The pattern for this will also be coming soon.  Please look for it on Ravelry.   It is to be named "Evening Walk on the Beach Stole."  It will be an inexpensive pattern and the drape is wonderful.

I have more to share, but will save for another day this week.  Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Published Finally!

To have closure is a wonderful thing!  Late Thursday evening I received word that the Simplicity Volume 3 Men's pattern book was back from the publisher.  Skacel emailed each of the designers who had patterns published in the book.  They also attached a copy of the cover (I wish I could post that but cannot) and my pieces made the cover!  I was so excited I cried.  My first design made the cover of a book!  I have been awaiting word so I could post my pics of the pieces.  So here they are.  The set is completely reversible with a Wavy Rib on one side and a basket weave on the reverse side.  I will include pics to show each side.  You can check with your LYS to order the book and the yarn.  There are also some great colorwork patterns and a couple of great sweaters by my friends Frank Wilmott and Kurt Fausset, both of whom I met at the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat in Seattle last September.   So enough with the chit/chat, bring on the pics!
Wavy Rib side of mitts

palm side of wavy rib

Wavy Rib Side of Scarf

Wavy Rib side of Beanie

Top of wavy rib side of beanie

Basketweave side of beanie

Basketweave side of mitts

palm side of basketweave

Basketweave side of scarf

Basket weave side of beanie

Top of Basketweave beanie

 All of the pics are pre-blocking. I just did not want to try this after blocking.  I can't wait to get the book.  It should delivered this week.  I will get my wife to take a pic of me holding the book so you can see the cover next week.  Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Men's South East Knitting Retreat

After several months of hard work I have finally organized my planning and have recruited several men to join me in the first ever Men's South East Knitting Retreat.  I have included a poster below with all the details.        

Please feel free to print and share with your LYS.  I have lots of FOs that I will try to take pictures of this weekend to show off.  I am very proud of these items.

On the needles right now I have, a stole for a friend, a design that has to be finished and in the mail by Friday, the Miley Tee (for my daughter), and numerous other items that I hope to finish soon.  School finishes for teachers (me) on Tuesday, June 14th.  I am very excited to get some knitting done.  

I am also hosting a World Wide Knit in Public Day on June 18th at the Hertford/Northampton Farmer's Market.  It is located just outside of Murfreesboro on HWY 158.  I hope to have lots of knitters and crocheters to participate.  

Finally I am going to rant a little.  A certain magazine I submitted a design to has not contacted me.  I sent the design in several months ago (March 15 to be exact) and still have not heard from them.  I would love for them to accept the design, but if not just let me know.  The pattern is already written and I could sell it on Ravelry.  Maybe I will hear back from it soon.  I keep hoping that because I have not heard from them it is good news and they want to use the design in something.  I will keep holding out hope that they are going to accept the design.  You keep hoping for me too! 
More to come this weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keeping You in Stitches Retreat

Practicing Magic Loop knitting
Well folks, like my fellow blogger WillyG, I am a bad blogger.  It has been quite a while since my last blog and I have been quite busy with gift projects, a retreat, and a design to be published.  This entry will be about the retreat.  On April 29th and 30th we held the first annual (hopefully) Keeping You in Stitches Retreat.  To say it was a blast would be an understatement.  To prepare for it I have been emailing and writing to some of my Knitting Contacts for several months to get ready.  Claudia Morris of Southern Purls in Ahoskie, was our yarn and notions enabler.  Heather, my wife, and I were the teachers/planners. The Retreat was held at the Barnes House Bed & Breakfast in Murfreesboro.

My wife bought and made crowns for us to wear in honor of the Royal Wedding which took place that morning.  We felt like the princes and princesses of knitting.  I was in my element as knitting teacher.  we began with a Cabled Coffee cozy designed by me.  Click the name to get the pattern.  Some of the attendees had not done cables before, so I chose a stitch pattern which had twists in both directions.  We worked on those for a couple of hours, then retired to the parlor for some sit & stitch time.  Around 11 pm we left for the evening  to get some rest.

Blocking our coffee cozys.

The next morning Craig, our host with the most, treated us to breakfast before our knitting began.  After breakfast we felted our cozys in the washer and set them up to block. Then it was off on a field trip to the Alpaca Farm.  Three Hawk Alpacas is less than 5 miles from Main Street in Murfreesboro.  Anita our host was kind enough to give us a tour, answer questions and let us interact with Callie, the friendliest Alpaca I have met.  (I have blogged about her before when we visited with my kids.  After our Q & A session we visited Anita's shop and several attendees purchased some lovely alpaca fiber to take home and work up.  Claudia even bought a cone of brown &                  natural/white.  We are dying to see this worked up.
Callie enjoying attention.
The afternoon brought us a great lunch from Tavern 125 in Mufreesboro.  We had placed our orders the night before and Heather picked up lunch for us to enjoy after the Alpaca Farm visit.  There were Reubens and Salads, fries and more.  Lunch was wonderful.   After lunch we were joined by another participant and began our Entrelac class.  We began a scarf, Basic Entrelac Scarf, from a pattern by Lisa Shroyer.  She very graciously gave us permission to use her pattern for our retreat.  Everyone caught on quickly and was amazed at the results.  It was a fun class and easy to teach with skilled knitters.

Tom practicing Broomstick Lace.
We took a break from Entrelac and Heather tried her hand at teaching with Broomstick lace.   Again we were making a scarf, in cotton,  with a pattern from Naztazia, Broomstick Lace Scarf.  Check the link for pattern and you tube tutorials.  I decided to try my hand at this technique as well (I can crochet, but prefer knitting).  It is working very well and will be a late Mother's Day Gift for my mom.  We all finished up around 5 pm.  Some had to say good bye for the evening.  Tom, Ilene, and I went to dinner at Napoli's Italian restaurant.  I tried the Portabello Ravioli for the first time.  It was fabulous.  We all knitted until 9 and retired to our homes, agreeing that the first retreat was a success. 
My cousin's wife makes cakes.  Her business is called, "The Icing on the Cake."  Well we had this made for the retreat (we ate on it all weekend).  The icing on our retreat was coming back to the B & B for breakfast with Tom and Craig on Sunday morning before seeing Tom off to the Triangle area of NC.  We are already brainstorming ideas for next year and hope to have more goodies, students, and knitting fun! 

A special thank you goes out to the following Donors for our Retreat: 

Skacel Collection, Inc
Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs -- Goth Socks Yarn
Love of Knitting Magazine
XRX, Inc.
Southern Purls
Yearning for Yarn
Beech Springs Alpacas
Three Hawk Alpacas

Each of the above companies donated prizes, patterns, or other items so that each participant left with a "swag" of items to enjoy their knitting.  Thanks for your donations.  Well, that is my update for now.  I plan to let you know about a new knitting shop and show off some Finished Objects in the next couple of Blogs.  Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Turning a Frown Upside Down

Me "roping" an Alpaca's legs

shearers working on front legs

Show Blanket Fleece
This one was quite rowdy
Getting his teeth filed
Nails being clipped
More fleece

my new cell phone
                                                                           Last week I wrote about the disappointment from a design that I had returned to me from a major knitting magazine.  It hit hard for a few minutes, and then I went back to work.  The weather was beautiful last Monday afternoon, so I sat in the screened area of our deck, while the kids played with our neighbor in the back yard.  After a few minutes of drawing and reworking the design, I worked up the ideas for another magazine editor that a friend had introduced me to via email.  I scanned in the drawings to my family's ancient laptop, and took a couple of pictures of the swatch with my new phone (see the pic above).   I then typed up an email to the editor of the magazine and submitted the drawings, pics, and design idea.  Then the waiting began.  Finally on Thursday, I decided to drop a note to the editor, just to check in with her.  She, as it turns out, had been swamped at the magazine, but was thrilled with the design and offered to publish it in an issue  later this year!  In order to do this, I changed the cowl to a scarf and added fingerless mitts.  I know that I would wear a cowl but it seems a scarf would be a bigger selling point for most men.  All in all I am a happy designer again.  I still haven't heard from design number 3 which I submitted to Interweave for their winter issue.  If it is rejected, I will post the pattern for that design on Ravelry.  It seems that lace will be in fashion this year and chunky lace is a focus for this trend.
Several weeks ago I was given a brochure by my pastor's wife about shares for Alpaca yarn from this years shearing at a local farm.  As a result of getting this brochure I have made a new friend, Kate Brown.  She is the owner of Beech Springs Alpacas, just outside of Ahoskie, NC.  I took my family for a visit, which I blogged about just a few weeks ago.  Kate had her annual shearing yesterday, and invited me to come and participate.  The shearers came from Indiana, and it seems travel a total of 15,000 miles during a season.  They make appointments and map out their route, a large loop it seems that takes them from farm to farm until they get back home.  They started shearing about 7:45 yesterday morning and finished at 3 yesterday afternoon.  To get the Alpacas ready to be shorn, this is where all the other hands are needed.  I discovered yesterday that the animals must be stretched out with cords, to avoid clipping injuries, prevent flailing (which could injure the animal or helper), and allow the shearers to clip nails and file teeth if necessary.  I helped with putting on the cords and pulling the ropes yesterday.  It was not hard work but, I am a little sore today.  My wife and children came out for a couple of hours and watched the whole process.  My daughter was fascinated and ended up staying through the afternoon.  She took lots of pictures with her own digital camera.  She has a bag of Alpaca fleece to take to school with her pictures for show and tell.   My wife and I, sometime in the near future, will have our own show and tell of  6 hanks of alpaca sportweight yarn, our share in this year's shearing.  I can't wait to see what we get!

So excited about this fiber life I am living.  It gives me great satisfaction to share it with my family and friends.  I promised a free pattern and I am working on it.  I made a cell phone holder earlier this week.  I used some leftover acrylic and it is beautiful to look at but not very sturdy.  So I am working one up to felt.  As soon as it is finished and written I will post the free pattern.  Look for it later this week.  I will also be posting a new coffee cozy pattern, this one is felted, after the knitting retreat. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Design Disappointment, Alpaca Excitement

When I got home yesterday, I found an envelope from Interweave Press.  I had submitted two designs to them, one in February and one in March.  I excitedly ripped open the package to find.......they had rejected my design.  My drawing and swatch were returned in the package.  I think a lot of my disappointment was there was not even a form letter to say, "Thank you but we are not using your design.  Keep designing and submitting."  I realize that they must receive an astronomical amount of submissions, but a form letter would not be that hard to stuff in with your submission materials.  I guess I just spent the time creating and hoped I would be returned the courtesy.  Well, to not be so glum, I am in contact with another magazine that is looking for Designs for Men, by Men.  So I worked up another drawing to make the submission a set and emailed drawings and designs to that editor.  So I am still waiting for news on the other Interweave Knits submission, trying not to be too hopeful.  And to hear from this new editor on the retooled design for her magazine.  I have 2 or 3 more designs I need to commit to drawings so that when the time arises they will be ready.

On a more positive note, this Saturday I will be helping to shear alpacas at a local ranch.  I hope to have some great pics to share with you.  I also have a new touch screen phone.  The holder/carrier for it was $49.99.  I have designed and am knitting my own phone case.  Pics and pattern are coming by the weekend!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainbow Shrug, Gauge, Teaching, and Knitting Retreat

I finished a shrug for my wife last week.  I ended up giving it to my daughter.  Again I was hit with the, "you didn't do a swatch/V8 smack in the head".  I had found a pattern for a 3 hour cardigan made in super bulky yarn on size 15 needles. (It can be found for free at Designer Yarn Sale.)  I decided to use the size 15 needles but try it with ribbon yarn (because it is spring and 100% wool this time of year is way too hot.)  Needless to say, 2 1/2 days later, I ended up with the tiny shrug you see in the pictures below.    So once again I learned the importance of a gauge swatch.  The reason the shrug took more
than 3 hours was the use of the ribbon yarn.  It tends to twist when you are knitting and after 10-20 stitches I had to untwist for a more even knit.   I like for the ribbon to lay flat on the needle instead of twisting into a strand.  I don't think the effect would have been as pretty.  I am making another one of these for a friend out of Lion Brand Hometown in orange (her favorite color) and I am using size 17 needles for the proper gauge (yes I did a swatch this time).  It should be finished this evening.  

I taught my first Beginning Knitting Class at the Crafting Stop in Franklin, VA (check them out on Facebook).  I think all went very well for those who came.  I am hoping to teach another sometime in April.  It will be great to have an ongoing gig for teaching knitting skills.  I hope the students learned and the store now has chunky yarn so we are going to try for a scarf next time.  

Now for the Knitting Retreat.  We are finalizing all plans for the Knitting retreat.  Models are nearly complete,  I have to begin working on writing out patterns and organizing supplies, prizes, folders and  whatever else we should need.  If you or anyone else you know would like to attend please send them to the previous post which announced the "Keeping You in Stitches Retreat." 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Alpaca Farm and a Finished Project

My son Avery explaining that he is going to be it and try to tag them.
I think I had written about our visit last summer to 3 Hawk Alpacas here in Murfreesboro.   The owner, Anita, was very kind and we toured, talked, and petted for over an hour.  This past Friday, Anita had her herd shorn for the the season.  I had planned on visiting to see the shearing first hand, but with having missed work for my grandmother's funeral and a workshop, I could not justify taking another day off.  I was disappointed but, what could I do?  Several weeks ago my pastor's wife gave me a brochure for another Alpaca Farm in St. John, NC (About 15 minutes from my house).  I emailed the owner of the farm and arranged a visit with my family for Sunday.  The animals were beautiful, soft, and well kept.  The yarn from last year's shearing was some of the most beautiful I had ever seen and touched. 

Can you please open this gate?
The most exciting part about this visit is that the alpacas here are to be shorn on April 9th and I will be assisting in the shearing.  I can't wait.  My wife and I are also purchasing a "share" in this years yarn.  We will get 2 pair of alpaca socks, and six skeins/hanks of fiber!  I am so excited.  I can't wait for April 9th!

The Alpaca Mafia, Whattaya lookin at?
"Wool Leaves" Baby Afghan
The next pics are of my first lace afghan.  It is Jared Flood's pattern "Wool Leaves."  I enjoyed the pattern as it was quite easy to follow and I can't wait to give it to our Dance teacher at school.  She is due to have a son in the next few weeks.  This blanket is quite thick, but will serve as a good car seat cover or receiving blanket in the late fall.  I will try to blog again this weekend after my first beginning knitting class.  Wish me luck!  So far I have three confirmed students.  I am happy to be sharing my love of knitting with others.  Hopefully they will carry on the tradition.
Close up of stitches

Friday, March 18, 2011

If it is Thursday, This must be Murfreesboro....

Because I have been traveling so much lately, I have been unsure of the day, week, where I am, and then the time changed on top of this.  I returned from Tennessee last Wednesday and had decided to change my plans of attending a Reading workshop the next Sunday-Tuesday (March 13-15) because I was so tired.  Then the news came.  I had been invited previously to a new LYS in Raleigh, NC to teach.  The owner and I emailed back and forth several times but never really set anything in stone.  Then last Thursday or Friday (days are still running together) we decided what would be best for a Monday night in her shop.  So with this engagement on my already busy schedule, I decided I should go to Raleigh for the Workshop and to discuss designing at Yarn Tree Studio.  It is located at 8801 Lead Mine Road and was well stocked for a 3 week old LYS.  We had an intimate group of 6 + me.  I showed pictures of Seattle, my first published pattern pieces, and other designs.  I talked about swatching, drawing, measuring, choosing yarn, and many other aspects of design.  I also answered questions about designing, knitting, and told a couple of knitting stories.  All in all it was a great evening.  Lynn was a great hostess.  The students learned a few things.  And Rachel taught me to cable without a cable needle (which I am trying to do on a new swatch.)  While waiting for my ride, I acquired some beautiful cashmere yarn for a scarf in a lavender color.  I have never worked with cashmere and am looking forward to working up the scarf for my wife.  She has had house and child duty on all my recent travels.  I am going to take some pics this weekend of FO's for you.   Next weekend I will be teaching beginning knitting at Crafting Stop in Franklin, VA.  I hope it will be a success and lead to more teaching gigs.  I am including my pattern for the washcloth I am teaching at this class.  It is very simple and can be used to teach someone to knit.

Learn to Knit Dishcloth

Enjoy and I'll be back again this weekend with more posting.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

I hope that you all will forgive how long it has been since my last blog.  I have had a lot going on so I think I will do these in short entries over the next few days.   Since my last post, I lost my Granny in Tennessee.  She passed away at home on March 4th and I left the next morning for Tennessee with my parents.  While I was there, I got to see cousins whom I have not seen in 30 years.  It was a bittersweet reunion and I hope we will continue to stay in touch through Facebook, phone, and email.  I completed a swatch for Interweave Knits winter issue (now the waiting begins again). While we were driving to and from Tennessee,  I also finished a blanket for a friend who is due in April.  It is Jared Flood's "Wool Leaves."  I will post pics once it is blocked. On the trip home I visited the "Black Mountain Yarn Shop."  The shop was wonderfully stocked and I was able to get my wife some beautiful Katia cotton with long color changes.  I hope she will make something to wear in the spring.  As we were checking out and talking I was able to introduce myself and show them pictures of my soon to be published pattern for Skacel (if it would only come out soon).  When I got home I had already been friended on Ravelry by the shop.  I am so excited about this whole knitting venture.   Things are coming together nicely for the Knitting Retreat.  My wife and I are very excited.  More to follow in the days to come....

Monday, February 28, 2011

Knitting Retreat

Since I just listed our Retreat on the Lion Brand Website I suppose I should list the document for Registration.  Registration will begin this Friday (I am having early registration for my knit and crochet group this Thursday evening).  Later this week I will have info on materials needed for each class.   We are trying to keep materials at a minimum so that each the Retreat will be affordable and enjoyable.  For more information on the retreat click the link below.  If you need further information my email address is listed at the end of the document before the registration.  Thanks.

Keeping You In Stitches Info and Registration Document

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photos of FO's

I am trying to link my Google/Picasa photos so that you and others can see my wife's and my work of late.

Knitting Knook Finished Works

It includes ponchos, hats, shawls and more.  I am hoping that everyone who wants to see these will be able to visit this Album.

Another item to tell you about is the wonderful yarn shop visit I had on Friday.  Due to planning the Knitting Retreat, I am trying to visit as many shops as possible within driving distance of our retreat.  I went to a wonderful shop on Friday.  After an unplanned dentist visit Friday morning, 2 hours and 2 fillings later, I headed to Plymouth, NC to visit "Yearning for Yarn."  It was probably the smallest yarn shop I have ever visited.  It was also one of the best.  Everything was very organized, by weight and content.  The owner was very delightful.  We discussed knitting, yarns, patterns, Elizabeth Zimmerman, and my publishing.  She was interested in every detail of each customer (there were others in the store).  I can say I will return to her store when I am in the area.  If you ever find yourself anywhere near Plymouth, NC,  get in to Yearning for Yarn.  It is worth the drive.  Take your knitting and sit a spell.

Knit your family together with prayers and love, and they will never come unraveled.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Crochet Shawl and Updates

Hi all just wanted to show off pics of my crocheted shawl.  It is in Bernat Mosaic which is very much like an expensive Japanese yarn we all know and love.  My very lovely daughter is modeling.  For those of you who read this week, I have posted pictures of the Taylor Swift inspired slouchy hat on Wednesday's post.  (I will try to  post them here as well).   I also updated the Peppermint Hot CoCowl to include a new yarn that is more readily available.  (Pic also below.)
Peppermint Hot CoCowl in Charisma (from Michael's)
Slouchy hat (pattern available on Ravelry)

Taylor Swift inspired Slouchy hat

On to a nice surprise...  I travel quite a bit for a teacher.  When I go out I like to find new yarn shops to visit, so I Google them to see where they are and email them so that they will know I am traveling and wish to visit while I am there.  I received an email today from a shop I am planning to visit next month while at a teacher's conference.  They asked if I would be a "guest teacher" while I am visiting!  I was shocked, flattered, and thrilled!  I am thinking of what I can teach as I write this.  I will keep you posted as the date comes closer and what might work out as a second "career" in the teaching world.

Keep a closely knit family and your love will never unravel.