Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going Back in Time...

So I see that my last post was 3 months ago and I need to tell you that Heather and I have done quite a few things since then.  I will begin with the wonderful Soxperience on Chincoteague Island.  We spent a wonderful camping weekend on the island and had a great time learning new sock techniques with Wendy Johnson.

I have often avoided socks due to the complexity of the heel, picking up stitches, and holes that always seem to show up at the joins.  Well I can safely say now that I will be making more socks, am working on a pair currently (pics coming soon), and designed a pattern at the retreat (pattern coming soon).  Thanks to Wendy for a wonderful weekend and thanks to Caroline, Dan, and Melissa with Carodan Farm Wool Shop for hosting Soxperience.

While on the island the kids enjoyed lots of fun days with Heather's mom and dad.  They earned their Ranger Badges, held whale bones, and got to see the cowboys round up ponies for vet checks: 

Wendy also indulged my "fan-ness" by allowing Eleanor to have her picture taken with her.  

The hotel on the island had no recycling (which we thought was unusual).  Wendy asked us to take her bottles home to recycle (we were collecting to take home with us as we discussed the islands commitment to renewal and clean living).  Here are the bottles:
I wonder if there are any Wendy groupies who would buy these on ebay?