Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Years and Counting

Four years ago today I had a total knee replacement.  I am always reminded of the date because it is on Veteran's Day and because I have a yearly check up on that day.  My check up was wonderful.  The knee bends more than it did last year, I am exercising again, and I have lost weight.  The doctor was pleased with all these things.  You may be asking why a then 35 year old man had to have a knee replacement.  Well, here goes:  about 15 years ago I had a horrible car accident which severed my left leg at the knee.  The doctors worked diligently for 3 months to save the leg, which they did.  However, by the time they finished and I was able to begin physical therapy, I had only about 30 degrees movement in that knee.  I lived this way until 4 years ago when I finally found a doctor who would do more than an x-ray  to find out why I was having pain and what real shape my knee was in.  Reason for a 35 year old to have a knee replacement:  the only cartlige left in my knee was less than the size of a dime and the only thing holding my leg together was one ligament, which was quickly tearing.  My doctor is renowned for finishing a knee replacement in 35 minutes, mine took 2 1/2 hours.  I am totally pleased with the results. 

You may be asking, why am I writing about this on a Knitting blog?  Well because it was on my mind today and if not for the car accident, I may not have taken up crochet again (and eventually learned knitting).  At the time of the accident, I was very depressed and after watching but soooo much TV, I asked my mom to bring some yarn and crochet hooks to the hospital.  I am so glad I fell in love with the craft again.  I needed something to do and crochet required no moving around in the hospital.   I could stay in bed and craft to my heart's content.  So today on Veteran's Day,  I am thankful for all those men and women who have served our country.   I am thankful for my knee replacement and a great doctor.  Finally, I am thankful for remembering 15 years ago I can do something creative.  Share a craft with someone you love this week.  I taught my daughter to knit earlier this week.  My hope is that she will carry this with her through her life.  And if she needs it to help her get through something, it is just like riding a bike.  It will come back to her as soon as she picks up the needles. 

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  1. hello! I was looking for knitters and I came to your blog through The Panopticon. Glad to hear your knee is better than before. That is so young to have a knee replacement! I tried to teach my oldest son to knit, but he has little patience for it so far. I'll try again next year.