Sunday, December 5, 2010

Does this sound like Small Town life?

Last Thursday I took a day off from work for a Knit-a-thon on my pattern that is being published.   I worked all day long (4 am to 5pm).  I did take about an hour off to get lunch and prepare for my knit group party.  We had a small group that evening, but ate, knitted, exchanged gifts, and had a great time.  Friday was back to work (2nd grade Math teacher that I am),  lesson plans written, grades recorded, progress reports printed, papers graded, and lessons taught.  We rushed home to a quick dinner and then off to ring hand bells at the town's annual tree lighting.  It lasted over an hour.  Saturday morning brought a very chilly day for the Murfreesboro Christmas parade.  It was great to watch my children enjoy the parade.  My daughter attended an all day birthday party and I knitted and wrote on my pattern while she was gone.  Sunday morning brought a rush to be to church early as my wife and I had to play hand bells once again.  Between church and the annual Christmas at Chowan University Concert, I finished writing (I should say typing my pattern as it was written in my Knitting Knotebook  as I knitted it up) my pattern.   The concert was great and I am glad that I did not skip it.  After the concert it was off to the drugstore as my wife and I are feeling under the weather.  When I returned I printed the pattern, boxed everything up and sealed it.  Needless to say, I cried.  Over 2 months of work went into this and I have to send it cross country.  I have a lot of time invested in it, and separation anxiety, I guess.   I will feel better when I see it in print.  I wish I could share all the pics I took this weekend but I have to wait until I have a publishing date.  This week brings two more concerts:  Community Christmas concert and the NC Symphony on Wednesday.  Friday we begin to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.   Oh, for those of you who read regularly, the Bazaar was a success.  I sold all my scarves and several other items as well.  In honor of my first pattern being published I will be working up a surprise free pattern to post here as a Christmas gift for my followers.  It will be a knit pattern and quick to work up.   Look for it over the next few weeks. 


  1. Wow! Congratulations on getting your pattern published. And on the great success with your bazaar.

  2. Your small town life sounds very rich in family, friends, and service--God bless you for putting your energy into a full life!! Looking forward to hearing more from you in 2011.