Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photos of FO's

I am trying to link my Google/Picasa photos so that you and others can see my wife's and my work of late.

Knitting Knook Finished Works

It includes ponchos, hats, shawls and more.  I am hoping that everyone who wants to see these will be able to visit this Album.

Another item to tell you about is the wonderful yarn shop visit I had on Friday.  Due to planning the Knitting Retreat, I am trying to visit as many shops as possible within driving distance of our retreat.  I went to a wonderful shop on Friday.  After an unplanned dentist visit Friday morning, 2 hours and 2 fillings later, I headed to Plymouth, NC to visit "Yearning for Yarn."  It was probably the smallest yarn shop I have ever visited.  It was also one of the best.  Everything was very organized, by weight and content.  The owner was very delightful.  We discussed knitting, yarns, patterns, Elizabeth Zimmerman, and my publishing.  She was interested in every detail of each customer (there were others in the store).  I can say I will return to her store when I am in the area.  If you ever find yourself anywhere near Plymouth, NC,  get in to Yearning for Yarn.  It is worth the drive.  Take your knitting and sit a spell.

Knit your family together with prayers and love, and they will never come unraveled.

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