Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Design Disappointment, Alpaca Excitement

When I got home yesterday, I found an envelope from Interweave Press.  I had submitted two designs to them, one in February and one in March.  I excitedly ripped open the package to find.......they had rejected my design.  My drawing and swatch were returned in the package.  I think a lot of my disappointment was there was not even a form letter to say, "Thank you but we are not using your design.  Keep designing and submitting."  I realize that they must receive an astronomical amount of submissions, but a form letter would not be that hard to stuff in with your submission materials.  I guess I just spent the time creating and hoped I would be returned the courtesy.  Well, to not be so glum, I am in contact with another magazine that is looking for Designs for Men, by Men.  So I worked up another drawing to make the submission a set and emailed drawings and designs to that editor.  So I am still waiting for news on the other Interweave Knits submission, trying not to be too hopeful.  And to hear from this new editor on the retooled design for her magazine.  I have 2 or 3 more designs I need to commit to drawings so that when the time arises they will be ready.

On a more positive note, this Saturday I will be helping to shear alpacas at a local ranch.  I hope to have some great pics to share with you.  I also have a new touch screen phone.  The holder/carrier for it was $49.99.  I have designed and am knitting my own phone case.  Pics and pattern are coming by the weekend!

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  1. I'm sorry for your disappointment...Onward and Forward! Shearing alpacas sounds like a real pip! Is this a new experience for you?