Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Men's South East Knitting Retreat

After several months of hard work I have finally organized my planning and have recruited several men to join me in the first ever Men's South East Knitting Retreat.  I have included a poster below with all the details.        

Please feel free to print and share with your LYS.  I have lots of FOs that I will try to take pictures of this weekend to show off.  I am very proud of these items.

On the needles right now I have, a stole for a friend, a design that has to be finished and in the mail by Friday, the Miley Tee (for my daughter), and numerous other items that I hope to finish soon.  School finishes for teachers (me) on Tuesday, June 14th.  I am very excited to get some knitting done.  

I am also hosting a World Wide Knit in Public Day on June 18th at the Hertford/Northampton Farmer's Market.  It is located just outside of Murfreesboro on HWY 158.  I hope to have lots of knitters and crocheters to participate.  

Finally I am going to rant a little.  A certain magazine I submitted a design to has not contacted me.  I sent the design in several months ago (March 15 to be exact) and still have not heard from them.  I would love for them to accept the design, but if not just let me know.  The pattern is already written and I could sell it on Ravelry.  Maybe I will hear back from it soon.  I keep hoping that because I have not heard from them it is good news and they want to use the design in something.  I will keep holding out hope that they are going to accept the design.  You keep hoping for me too! 
More to come this weekend!

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