Saturday, June 11, 2011

Published Finally!

To have closure is a wonderful thing!  Late Thursday evening I received word that the Simplicity Volume 3 Men's pattern book was back from the publisher.  Skacel emailed each of the designers who had patterns published in the book.  They also attached a copy of the cover (I wish I could post that but cannot) and my pieces made the cover!  I was so excited I cried.  My first design made the cover of a book!  I have been awaiting word so I could post my pics of the pieces.  So here they are.  The set is completely reversible with a Wavy Rib on one side and a basket weave on the reverse side.  I will include pics to show each side.  You can check with your LYS to order the book and the yarn.  There are also some great colorwork patterns and a couple of great sweaters by my friends Frank Wilmott and Kurt Fausset, both of whom I met at the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat in Seattle last September.   So enough with the chit/chat, bring on the pics!
Wavy Rib side of mitts

palm side of wavy rib

Wavy Rib Side of Scarf

Wavy Rib side of Beanie

Top of wavy rib side of beanie

Basketweave side of beanie

Basketweave side of mitts

palm side of basketweave

Basketweave side of scarf

Basket weave side of beanie

Top of Basketweave beanie

 All of the pics are pre-blocking. I just did not want to try this after blocking.  I can't wait to get the book.  It should delivered this week.  I will get my wife to take a pic of me holding the book so you can see the cover next week.  Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Men's South East Knitting Retreat

After several months of hard work I have finally organized my planning and have recruited several men to join me in the first ever Men's South East Knitting Retreat.  I have included a poster below with all the details.        

Please feel free to print and share with your LYS.  I have lots of FOs that I will try to take pictures of this weekend to show off.  I am very proud of these items.

On the needles right now I have, a stole for a friend, a design that has to be finished and in the mail by Friday, the Miley Tee (for my daughter), and numerous other items that I hope to finish soon.  School finishes for teachers (me) on Tuesday, June 14th.  I am very excited to get some knitting done.  

I am also hosting a World Wide Knit in Public Day on June 18th at the Hertford/Northampton Farmer's Market.  It is located just outside of Murfreesboro on HWY 158.  I hope to have lots of knitters and crocheters to participate.  

Finally I am going to rant a little.  A certain magazine I submitted a design to has not contacted me.  I sent the design in several months ago (March 15 to be exact) and still have not heard from them.  I would love for them to accept the design, but if not just let me know.  The pattern is already written and I could sell it on Ravelry.  Maybe I will hear back from it soon.  I keep hoping that because I have not heard from them it is good news and they want to use the design in something.  I will keep holding out hope that they are going to accept the design.  You keep hoping for me too! 
More to come this weekend!