Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finally sharing South East Men's Knitting Retreat

So as I am trying to slow down just a bit I thought it would be nice to share the details of the first annual South East Men's Knitting Retreat.  If you are unfamiliar with these retreats, please visit the site for Men's Knitting Retreats.  You will find lots of info, pics, and reasons why these wonderful retreats were started.
I shall first start with the Venue.  I searched the internet for a few months before deciding on Asbury Hills Retreat Center.  I will give you a scenery sneak peak:
The Center was just above Greenville, SC in the mountains.  To say it was beautiful is an understatement.  I have more pictures and I will put a link to the album at the end of this post.
Many had arrived when I got to the center (I got stuck in traffic in Greenville) and were ready to check in.  This is the view inside our "Cabins":
Cabin was not the word I would have used.  These were very nice lodges with mini-kitchens, hotel style bedrooms each with its own full bath, and a wonderful seating area (plus a flat screen tv and dvd player!).

Some rooms were private, and others could accommodate up to 3.  They were lovely well kept rooms.

The first evening, after a wonderful meal, I hosted the "I'm dyeing to meet you workshop."  We all were given mini hanks of yarn to dye in crock pots courtesy of Sheila Trunzo at "Wool 2 Dye 4."  We used  unsweetened drink mix to create lovely hanks of blue, green, orange, and red mini hanks.  Doug even dyed his hank green and red variegated.  After the workshop we retreated to some living quarters to knit and talk together.

The center treated us to a wonderful breakfast buffet, after which we started class with Steve Tracewell.  Steve took the morning to teach us toe up socks, magic loop style with a fleegle heel.
This took most of the morning and we had a great mexican buffet lunch.  We needed it after learning for 3 hours about socks. 

After lunch we loaded up in several cars and headed to North Woods Farm and Yarn Shop.  The owners Teri and Larry Gabric treated us to a tour of their Mill, Farm, and Yarn Shop.  They were very gracious hosts and I learned a great deal about fiber, spinning, machines and more.  Even with the proper equipment, a great deal of work goes into the production of a great yarn. 

We returned to the Retreat center for dinner and yet another class.  This one was my foray into Fair Isle.  We practiced knitting a swatch in Fair Isle and how to manage 2 yarns, trap the yarn, and carry it so it is not too tight. 
We then had show and tell.  Here is a preview:

After class we enjoyed knitting and a movie in the "lodge". 

Such a short weekend!  :(   We had another great breakfast and then were treated to a lesson in Twined Knitting by Charles Gandy.  I can safely say I need a lot of practice and maybe a few more lessons.  The results are gorgeous. 

We said our goodbyes and all headed back home just before lunch.  I am very geared up for this year to be even more fun!

To see more pics click here:  SEMKR 2012 Photo Album

My friend Joseph also took pics:  Joseph's Album

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