Thursday, October 24, 2013

Green Sheep

Recently our library had a community night and invited people to come and share with those who came to visit.  They had hot dogs, free school supplies, and lots of activities.  I decided to go and spin because I have met many of my fiber friends at the library.

One lady was very inquisitive. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Spinning yarn," I reply.

"Is that insulation?"

"No it is wool," I say."

"From sheep?"


"Where do they get green sheep?" she asks.

Trying not to laugh, I tell her,

"Uh, they dye the wool after they shear the sheep."

"OH," she exclaims.

She stood and watched a few more minutes and thanked me.

I am still looking for a green sheep.


  1. Might find one near Galway Bay! LOL

  2. Do you know the lovely Australian story book called "WHERE is the GREEN Sheep? It is written by Mem Fox and it finds the green sheep you are looking for. I found you because I was trying to find a sheep image to add to the craft activities when my pre-schoolers read this book next week. Hi! I live in Australia and write book reviews. Believe it or not, many years ago I use to spin sheep's wool too.