Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Box Store Help?

I am working on a crocheted shawl in Bernat Mosaic.
So, because of my rural living (which I do love until I want nice yarn), I find myself in Big Box stores quite often, trying to find "good" yarn for myself and acrylic for kid friendly and inexpensive projects.  Most of the people who wish to have something made by my wife or myself want "cheap and machine washable."  So on my weekend away I found myself in several big box stores looking over the yarn on sale.  A lady approaches my wife and asks "Do you knit, I need some help."  To which my wife replies, "We both do, and my husband is a published designer."  The lady seems very relieved and asks her question about fiber content, yarn weight, and suitable substitutions.  I answer as best as I can and show her a few yarn labels and offer a substitution to her fear of the wool content.  She was so pleased and said I am so glad I asked for help.  She commented that she could never find anyone in that store who knew anything about yarn, knitting, or crochet.  A few minutes later I am looking at a skein of wool which I have been wanting to make socks from.  A very nice English woman sees me looking over the skein and asks (in her wonderful accent) "Oh do you knit?"  And I reply "Yes."  She tell me that her brother learned to knit in school in England, but never learned more than knit and purl and could make a few items.  She asks, "Do you just knit and purl, like most men?"  So since my wife had already opened the bag, I replied "I am a designer."  She immediately comes back with a very English, "Oh, very well then!" smiling the whole time.  We continue our conversation and complete our yarn shopping.  On the way out of town to our vacation destination, we stop at one final Big Box Store.  In the store my wife and I are approached by a woman who is trying to match two different brands of yarn for a baby blanket she has started.  She holds the two up together and asks if we can tell a difference.  I tell the truth, as it is quite noticeable, and she seems disappointed.  She continues looking and so do we.  When we go to check out, I leave my wife at the register as I feel the "call of nature."  When I return from the restroom, I notice the lady is still comparing yarns trying to find something that will be close enough, when a tidbit of knowledge hits me.  I go to the lady and tell her to divide her large skein in half and use it at opposing ends of the blanket with the new yarn in the center.  I told her I read that somewhere or saw it on TV and it just occurred to me it may work for her.  She liked the idea and thanked me.  Later in the car my wife told me it was so nice to see me helping people with their yarn.  She said that I was in my "element" and the people knew I know what I am talking about.  So where am I going with this blog?  I think some big box stores owe me a discount for my customer service this weekend.  Why is it that these stores fully man a "custom frame counter", but never have anyone to man the needlework area?  Just a thought.  Coming soon, pictures of completed projects!

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  1. You are so right! I will sign a discount petition for you :) Just think, you really did help people with their knitting and lessened their project stress...good job!