Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mood Booster!

So I checked my email tonight as I was watching my son take his very first Karate lesson and got a huge mood booster. (If you are wondering about my mood,  let's just say it has been a hellacious start to the school year and I don't know if it is going to get any better....) 

So back to the mood booster,  I opened the email from Knit Picky Patterns (All Free Knitting) and scrolled through the patterns that were featured.  None of the featured patterns were mine.  So I checked the Featured Designer of the Week (I like to see other people's ideas and patterns too)  and guess who's picture was there?

I was very happy indeed.  They also showed my Peppermint Hot CoCowl which you can link to from this blog (check the free patterns at the side).  I am hoping that this will help me stay on Cloud nine this week.  Thanks Knit Picky Patterns. 


  1. Hi. I saw your short bio. on All Free Knitting. I have just begun to learn to knit.

    I think it's so wonderful that there are men out there who knit and crochet! In fact, I was stunned to learn that knitting used to be done primarily by men.

    It just proves that stereotypes are bunk! Way to go!

    I hope your school year improves. May God give you the strength and endurance you need to make it through!

  2. Congratulations! Hope the year improves. Thanks for teaching our children. Just remember you are making a difference each day no matter how bad it is.

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