Friday, March 18, 2011

If it is Thursday, This must be Murfreesboro....

Because I have been traveling so much lately, I have been unsure of the day, week, where I am, and then the time changed on top of this.  I returned from Tennessee last Wednesday and had decided to change my plans of attending a Reading workshop the next Sunday-Tuesday (March 13-15) because I was so tired.  Then the news came.  I had been invited previously to a new LYS in Raleigh, NC to teach.  The owner and I emailed back and forth several times but never really set anything in stone.  Then last Thursday or Friday (days are still running together) we decided what would be best for a Monday night in her shop.  So with this engagement on my already busy schedule, I decided I should go to Raleigh for the Workshop and to discuss designing at Yarn Tree Studio.  It is located at 8801 Lead Mine Road and was well stocked for a 3 week old LYS.  We had an intimate group of 6 + me.  I showed pictures of Seattle, my first published pattern pieces, and other designs.  I talked about swatching, drawing, measuring, choosing yarn, and many other aspects of design.  I also answered questions about designing, knitting, and told a couple of knitting stories.  All in all it was a great evening.  Lynn was a great hostess.  The students learned a few things.  And Rachel taught me to cable without a cable needle (which I am trying to do on a new swatch.)  While waiting for my ride, I acquired some beautiful cashmere yarn for a scarf in a lavender color.  I have never worked with cashmere and am looking forward to working up the scarf for my wife.  She has had house and child duty on all my recent travels.  I am going to take some pics this weekend of FO's for you.   Next weekend I will be teaching beginning knitting at Crafting Stop in Franklin, VA.  I hope it will be a success and lead to more teaching gigs.  I am including my pattern for the washcloth I am teaching at this class.  It is very simple and can be used to teach someone to knit.

Learn to Knit Dishcloth

Enjoy and I'll be back again this weekend with more posting.

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  1. Went to Yarn Tree Studio last night. Didn't get to meet Lynn, but met two other employees. Nice shop. I bought something by Universal yarns. I'll go back.