Tuesday, June 18, 2013

World Wide Knit In Public

This past Saturday I had the great opportunity to organize and participate in a Knit in Public event.  Andrea, owner of The Yarn Club, Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA, wanted to do something for this event, but would be dealing with her daughter's graduation that week.  My wife did some investigating and found a great venue.  Town Center in Virginia Beach would be having their monthly, Town Fair event on Saturday, June 15.  I called the organizers and they offered us a spot  without a fee because we were there for demonstrations and not profit.

When we arrived, we got center stage, literally.

We were given a spot right in front of the fountain to enjoy a cool breeze and an occasional spray from the fountain.    Here we are just after set up.  

Hazel and Heather enjoyed chatting as Hazel drafted some fiber for spinning and Heather worked on fingerless mitts for her sister.

Brittany worked on some fiber to spin on her drop spindle as well.  As the time passed our group grew:
There were about 12 of us coming and going through the 3 hour period.  It was great to connect with new fiber enthusiasts, friends we haven't seen in a while, and enjoy each other's company.  
As you can see there was a nice breeze to keep us comfortable through the event.  Hazel was drafting more fiber to spin.  
Here I am, Mr. Organizer, beside the banner I made for the event.  I did not add a date to the banner so I could use it in year's to com.  We all had a great time and enjoyed our time to share fiber arts with the community.  

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